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Jumbo Plush

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Only Plush

Jumbo Plush

Sold Out

Ended: September 17, 2022

555 sold

277% Funded

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Message from the Creator

RetroSpecter is back, but this time in his Phase 2 form, Berserker Retro (Zerktro for short)! This bulky demon debuted in the Friday Night Funkin' mod Vs. RetroSpecter Part One after a certain blue haired man taunted him. He is much larger than the other Vs. RetroSpecter plushies and his tail is massive! If you missed your chance to get a Retro plushie, now's your chance to get his bigger form! RetroSpecter is a mascot/sona of the YouTuber RetroSpecter, who has been making remixes for over 6 years of various video games such as: Pokemon, Undertale, Deltarune, Cuphead, Splatoon, and Friday Night Funkin'! He is now making original music for his Friday Night Funkin' mod, and has a whole team helping him out with art and programming.

Most of the proceeds will make up for paying the Vs. RetroSpecter artists, charters, and programmers. Vs. RetroSpecter Part 2 is still very much in development and we have just released a port of the mod on a better engine with better optimization which you can find here!

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