Makeship is a Canadian crowdfunding platform for content creators. Through collaborations with creators, we enable the design and creation of high-quality, limited edition custom products and experiences. We handle design, manufacturing, fulfilment & customer service. Simply put, we are the easiest way to launch a high quality product.


Give and Be the Best

We put our best into all that we do. From choosing the highest quality materials to our amazing customer service, we take no shortcuts in striving to provide the best experience and products for Fans and Creators.

Fuel Freedom and Individuality

We enable Creators to express themselves through their products and bring a personal touch to their fans. We believe strongly in our ability to free Creators to continue to do what they love. We created a community-powered platform to bring fans together and for Creators to make a living off what they love to do the most.

Create Connections

We encourage and facilitate meaningful connections between Creators, Fans, and the Makeship team. We are more than just products. Makeship provides space to connect, inspire, and participate with other passionate Fans and Creators. Learn more about our Communities.

Make Good

We believe in making good with people, their communities, and the environment. Honesty, respect, integrity, and transparency are at the core of everything we do. Our supply chain is clean and fair, and products come in reusable bags with compostable mailers. Learn more about our environmental efforts.


Rakan, CEO and Cofounder

Rakan is very exceptional when it comes to managing his team and business strategy.

Pablo, COO and Cofounder

Pablo is our Chief Operating Officer. He manages our design, operations and technology teams. Always happy to go for a bike ride or rock climbing.

Kevin, Supply Chain & Cofounder

Kevin leads our supply chain team to make sure our products are high quality and on time. He loves riding on his one-wheel electric scooter!