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A product platform for content creators

Makeship is a crowdfunding platform. Through collaborations with creators, we enable the design and creation of high-quality, limited edition custom products and experiences. We handle design, manufacturing, fulfilment & customer service.

Our Values

Make Ship Happen

The core of what we do is support creators in doing what they love. When they run campaigns with us, they are able to monetize their creativity to support themselves and their families, and connect with their fanbase in a meaningful way.

Make Good

From the very beginning, limiting our impact on the environment has been integral to Makeship’s development and will always influence our daily decisions. That is why we have initiatives like carbon offsetting, reusable packaging and recyclable mailer bags.

Make Communities

We have the unique ability to combine multiple groups of creative people together within our community, including creators, brands, fans, and the Makeship team. We want to cultivate this group into a super community that can advance the creator economy movement.