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Why does it take soooo long for my product to ship?
Limited time crowdfunded products that reach their funding goal are put into production. Since we have to make thousands of plushies, they can take up to 90 days to cook up! Thank you for your patience while we get your product ready. Meanwhile, limited quantity and ‘ready-to-ship’ products will be shipped out 2-4 days after ordering!

When will my order ship?
For limited time crowdfunded products, orders will ship 1-2 business days after production of the item is completed. You will receive an email when this occurs. For limited quantity and ‘ready-to-ship’ you can expect your order to be shipped 2-4 days after purchase. Shipping typically takes 7-15 business days depending on your country and city of origin.

Are there additional costs upon delivery (customs, duties, taxes)?
Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for additional charges imposed by your government upon receiving any product. This is very much out of our control, and we are unable to foresee any of these costs. Please contact your local mailing service provider for specific details.

Can I cancel my order?
Please refer to our Returns and Refunds Policy, here.

What happens if my item arrives damaged?
Please send pictures of the damaged item and your order number to and we will happily help you.

Can I create my own campaign with Makeship?
If you are an influencer interested in running a campaign, please contact for further information.

What is your website's currency?
All prices on our website are in USD. You can still use an international card, the payment will then be drafted to its USD value.

Do you ship to my country? How much?

We ship worldwide with a flat rate starting at 8.99 USD and 3.99 USD on every additional item. Note: Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, delivery to some countries is temporarily unavailable.

To check, you can try adding the item to your cart, proceed to checkout and enter your address. This does not, in any way, commit you into making a purchase. For the entire list of shipping countries please click here.