Help the world transition to the Creator economy

We're creating a platform for Creators to rapidly launch exciting products their Fans love - and make a living out of it.


Makeship aspires to scale physical product creation and distribution for content creators in the same way Youtube scaled the creation of content. By allowing creators to bring a physical manifestation of their creativity to life, we allow them to develop an incredible emotional connection to their fans.

Ultimately, we believe in a future where anyone can become a content creator and that their individual creativity should be celebrated and given the chance to scale. That is why our stated mission is to: “Help the world transition to the creator economy”

We're a young company, but growing fast!

400 +





Average Annual Sales Growth

Our Values

Our values are fuelled by relentlessly consistent behaviours we call our core habits.

Make Ship Happen

Action Based

Make good

Character Based

Make Communities

Connecting to Larger Groups

Perks & Benefits

Keep Healthy

Stellar health and dental benefits for you and your dependents.

Relax and Unplug

Get paid time off every calendar year +official holidays off.

Top Notch Equipment

We provide you with the tools and equipment you need to succeed.

Team Activities

Company wide and team events and challenges to stay connected.

Work from (almost) Anywhere

We are a 100% remote team.

Flexible Working

We believe in quality over quantity.

Remote Fulltime

Wherever you are located we want to work with you! Talent has no barriers to location. Our HQ is in British Columbia but we often frequent co-working spaces for some in person interactions.

We believe the world is transitioning to a creator-first economy and that creativity will be valued more than anything else in the future. Makeship is accelerating that transition by empowering any creator to bring a product campaign experience rivalling the biggest stars in the world. We want to do this sustainably and with the community as the centre piece of every successful campaign.

- Rakan Al-Shawaf (CEO & Co-Founder)

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About Makeship

Makeship exists to empower influencers, creators, and brands of all sizes to develop and launch limited edition products that matter to their fans. Leveraging our design, manufacturing, and marketing expertise, we work with our partners to bring their product to life through our community-powered crowd-funding platform. Each product is given a window of 21 days to be funded by the community before we produce and ship to fans worldwide. We put our brand behind every product and guarantee quality and ethical sourcing. We're profitable, have grown the team from 3 to 60+ people in under 3 years, and we're growing at an average annual growth rate of 400%+.