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Zardy Plush

By: Zardy's Maze

Ended: September 25, 2021

3,448 sold

1,723% Funded

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Message from the Creator

After many requests, The ZM / FNF Zardy plush has finally arrived! The spooky scarecrow Zardy from the horror game Zardy’s Maze and the Friday Night Funkin’ mod has now been turned into a marketable plushie! (OH NO WHAT HAVE THEY DONE)

Zardy hails from the free horror game Zardy’s Maze where players must survive in a corn maze in the dead of night. Alongside other creepy scarecrows like Pumpkin Jack, Cablecrow, Brute, Rattler, and Drought - Zardy will try his best to stop the player from chopping down the giant mysterious plants that have started to grow in the maze. Zardy also debuted musically in a Friday Night Funkin’ mod centered around the same corn maze. Zardy Foolhardy was fairly difficult and long! But players should be warned that the fight isn’t over… And it only gets worse from here on out.

All plush proceeds will go towards making more cool Zardy things, so your support is appreciated! Thank you everyone for all the love that Zardy has gotten. I can't thank you enough! - SwankyBox

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