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Only Plush


Sold Out

Ended: January 6, 2024

994 sold

497% Funded

Message from the Creator

Young vriki are curious and mobile, using their furry tentacles to slither and crawl up mushtrees and squeeze into tight spaces. They can live for hundreds of years, and eventually take root and become stationary nursery trees to raise the next generation. They're (usually) harmless, and can be very cuddly and affectionate. They're named for the trilling "vrrrrrikkkk" sound they make when excited. This vriki may or may not be named "Squidley Feeterson".

Get 10% off if you buy a Sol plush at the same time. The first 200 purchases include a free Steam key to I Was a Teenage Exocolonist (share the game with a friend if you already own it!).

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