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Only Plush


Sold Out

Vez'nan Plush

By: Ironhide Games

Ended: September 16, 2023

321 sold

160% Funded


Ships December 10, 2023

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Message from the Creator

What in the dark realms is this???

A soft, cuddly, squishy plushie fashioned in my likeness, the almighty Vez'nan, Supreme Ruler of All?!? OUTRAGEOUS!

Yet... that evil stare, it's strangely captivating. Its craftsmanship… truly remarkable. And yes, he's undeniably handsome - just as expected from a replica of ME!

Oh, fine, fine, I concede—only this once!

I shall allow this plushie to exist as a token of my greatness. Go forth, my loyal minions, and acquire this embodiment of my supreme power. For my grandeur shall be cuddled and adored!!!

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