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Torvald Plush


Ended: April 19, 2024

643 sold

321% Funded

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Message from the Creator

Straight from the metaphorical pages of your (hopefully) favourite TTRPG webcomic, the Weekly Roll, comes its second official plushie: The Torvald plushie!

This plushie depicting your favourite heavy armor wearing necromancer comes with a detachable shovel (which is totally normal and non-magical) and a vague sense of unease as as you gaze into the abyss behind its' lifeless eyes (not guaranteed).

Neither CME\_T nor Makeship have seen any indications during the manufacturing process that the plushie is "semi-sentient", "haunted AF" and/or "possessed with a will to raise any corpse buried within a half mile radius into its' undead army". We do recommend not bringing it near graveyards though. Just to be safe.

Pre-order the plushie right now!

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