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Only Plush


Sold Out

Steadfast Spiffo Plush

By: The Indie Stone

Ended: September 7, 2023

8,006 sold

4,003% Funded


Ships December 1, 2023

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Message from the Creator

They came for him... they still come... but he will NEVER yield.

He is: Steadfast Spiffo.

Spiffo is BACK, with maxed out levels of adorability. With his roomy camping backpack filled with useful survival supplies, sturdy axe, and many utility belts, he's prepared for anything... and for a limited time, can be added to inventories as YOUR companion in the apocalypse!

Face down the odds. Fight the fight. Survive against the horde - all accompanied by a plushably grizzled hug-raccoon!

All money raised by the Indie Stone from Steadfast Spiffo will go to the Queensland Cancer Council in memory of our good friend Vicki Ann Woods.

Please visit our blog to read more about Vicki and the charity being supported:

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