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Sold Out

SCP 173-B Plush

By: Affray Interactive

Ended: April 16, 2024

505 sold

252% Funded

Message from the Creator

Don’t look away. This little guy demands attention… or else! Based on SCP 173-b, the murderous statue that stalks its prey when they break eye contact, this cute plushie contains all the malice of the original but with 97% less chance of snapping your neck in your sleep. We’re proud to say that this plushie SCP 173-b is the absolute safest evil statue to fall asleep next to… and that’s a GUARANTEE!

And while you’re contemplating cuddling this horrifying anomaly, please also check out our horror/survival FPS “SCP:5K,” (early access available now on Steam) where you can run, screaming for your life from the concrete and rebar version of this little guy… FUN!

Special thanks to Makeship for making this plushie abomination.

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