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Only Plush


Sold Out

Ended: June 3, 2023

1,394 sold

697% Funded

Message from the Creator

Behold, the cuddliest, fluffiest, softest spider plushie to date! While the Grammostola pulchra species is rumored to be the “black lab” of tarantulas with their velvety black fur and docile temperaments, this specific design is made after Salem - probably the most grumpy G pulchra to exist. When Salem is not attacking streams of water, he’s dumping out and tripping over his water dish, eating gummy worms and just being outright ornery. But, all these reasons is why a plushie of him is an absolute necessity! We can boop the butt, squish, kiss, pet and poke THIS Salem plushie as much as we want! Finally!

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