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Sakuroma Plush

By: RetroSpecter

Ended: December 13, 2021

744 sold

372% Funded

Estimated to Ship March 7, 2022

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Message from the Creator

First was the Wrath plushie, now it's Lust's turn! Finally, the wait is over. You can buy your very own Sakuroma plushie. This fuzzy moth comes with 4 arms, wings, and a smug face. Feel her soft neck fluff, or wrist fluff, or ankle fluff! Make her smooch your Retro plushie, or make them battle to the death, or stick them in TWO jars!

Sakuroma is one of RetroSpecter's 7 sin characters, representing the Lust sin. She is a 9 ft tall moth that uses spores and truth serum ribbons to get people to do her bidding, but she has a kind and caring motherly personality, which means some of you may not even need spores or serums!

All plushie proceeds will go towards the art and programming for the Friday Night Funkin' mod, Vs. RetroSpecter Part 2. If this campaign is successful, more plushies may also be commissioned of the rest of the characters! (Which includes everyone's favorite birb boy, Izzurius!)

To learn more about RetroSpecter and the content he creates, Click Here!

Campaign Process

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Starts December 13


Estimated to ship March 7

Delivery takes 7-15 business days.
*Delivery to some areas may take
10-30 business days


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Product Details


  • Height: 16.0cm

Some heights may vary due to hair, or additional accessories.


  • Polypropylene Cotton

  • Plush Fabric (Ultra Soft Fleece)

Care Instructions

Handwash warm or cool only. Do not machine wash or dry clean.

Shipping and Returns

Estimated to Ship March 7, 2022

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Each Sakuroma Plush will be shipped 2-3 months after the Campaign end date.

Note: Due to the pandemic, delivery is restricted to certain countries listed here.


Once shipped, estimated delivery is 7-15 business days. *Delivery to some areas may take 10-30 business days.

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