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Only Plush


Sold Out

Rainbow Ankylosaurus Longboi

By: Dinos and Comics

Ended: July 1, 2022

1,674 sold

836% Funded


Ships September 17, 2022

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Message from the Creator

It's the Ankylosaurus from the comics, in plush form. It won't cure your depression but it sure will cheer you up.

Whether you have it sitting on a shelf adding a little colour and light to your room, or tucked under your arm keeping you company when the existential dread kicks in, this Longboi is sure to become a favourite companion. 

Available for PRIDE month only (June 1-30), get your Rainbow Ankylosaurus Longboi today!  Other Pride Dinos include: Lesbian T-Rex, Gay T-Rex, Bi T-Rex, and Trans T-Rex.

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