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Sold Out

Quest Sprout 2.0 Plush

By: SwordsComic

Ended: April 28, 2023

1,678 sold

839% Funded

Message from the Creator

"Wow! It's a Time Knife!

Quest Sprout is BACK! Quest Sprout is a small green hero from the fantasy world of "Swords" where everyone and everything's weapon of choice is... a sword! Quest Sprout is always wandering about asking the locals if they need help on a "qwest!" and will always take the job, even if it's a boring old escort quest!!

Due to a Time-Knife paradox, Quest Sprout is back on Makeship for a limited time! Maybe the last time! Take him with you wherever you go - a quest to the heart of a volcano, your local comic con, and anywhere else there is XP to grind together! Qwest!"

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