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Pride Moth Kitten

By: thekeymonster

283 sold

141% Funded

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Ships September 25, 2024

Message from the Creator

Moth Kitten wants you to know it is proud of you no matter what. This little cutie is your pal through thick and thin. Remember, it doesn't matter how small you are when your colors shine so brightly.

Chasing spider silk threads around the dark corners of a disused attic, moth kittens are friendly and playful, but they prefer to come out at night, sleeping the day away in a pile of old clothes that have been long forgotten. If you want to play with them, bring a lantern nearby and they will chase the light and shadow as it dances around the room. Their tiny wings will flutter around letting them take flight for short distances as dust swirls and sparkles. Listen closely and you might hear them purr.

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