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Sold Out

Peeping Tom AZ Plush

By: HeelsvsBabyface

Ended: May 18, 2024

675 sold

337% Funded

Message from the Creator

Who sees into the hearts of men and undergarments of women? Peeping Tom! The hero cursed with the power of X-ray Vision who is inadvertently tasked with saving the world now has his own Plush.

If you sense that this cute cuddly toy is spying on you, that's because there is a good chance he is! Seeing not only through your clothing but into your very moral fibre.

His side-kick X-ray Girl is also available as a companion piece as is the Cthulu MauLer and Gary of Rivia (struggler of doors and backwards rider of horses).

Available for a limited time ONLY grab them or forever live with regret, which is the pathway to villain hood.

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