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Ninja JaJamaru-kun

By: Jaleco Ltd.

Ended: January 12, 2023

Not Funded

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Message from the Creator

Ninja Jajamaru is a ninja action game released in 1985 by the Japanese game maker Jaleco for the Famicom (NES) and other platforms.
Ninja Jajamaru is a super ninja who fights against the yokai (monsters) army to save a kidnapped princess but he also has a very shy and cute side as well.
The design is based on pixel art drawings of the time, but the rounded and plump design accentuates his cuteness.
In addition, it is made of a material that is very comfortable to touch. He is very shy, so please hold him gently.
He may get embarrassed and even his white face will turn red, not just his red ninja outfit.

Cute and cuddly, he can even sit and be placed in your life to watch over you at all times.
He will always watch over you to keep yokais away from you.

He has a sword but rarely uses it in the games. He often uses shurikens, Japanese ninja stars.
Apparently, he recognized you as a fellow ninja.
If you challenge him in a shuriken challenge and beat him, there may come a time when Jajamaru-kun uses a sword.
Someday, I am sure, he will invite you to his ninja village!

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Unfortunately, this campaign did not reach its minimum funding goal. All orders will be refunded within 2-7 business days.

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