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Only Plush


Sold Out

Lemon Plush

By: Vannamelon

Ended: November 1, 2022

295 sold

147% Funded

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Message from the Creator

I'M YOUR SPOOKY, WOOKY MINI LEMON!Β πŸŽƒΒ Introducing... the adorable sour Lemon plushie! Vannamelon's sour fruit rival has arrived to Makeship for a soft and squishy lemon TAKEOVER and can also be part of your collection for a limited time today!

Feel free to save your lemon-flavored Halloween candy and feed her carefully.. or else she'll get extremely cranky and possibly break all your windows. (We are not responsible for all potential broken windows, sorry fruityheads)

Thanks SO much to the Makeship team for making this possible!Β πŸ’›Β πŸ‹

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