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King of Dokapon Kingdom Plushie

By: Idea Factory International

375 sold

187% Funded


Ships September 22, 2024

Message from the Creator

We're so thrilled at the outpouring of support fans of Dokapon showed when we originally launched the King of Dokapon Kingdom Plushie petition on MakeShip. To see this plushie fully realized has been so wonderful, and we could not have done it without you. From all of us at IFI, thank you so much!

"These foul creatures are stealing the money from my people! Eventually, the Kingdom will be ruined... And even worse, I'll be completely broke!"

The King of Dokapon Kingdom. He loves money more than anyone in the kingdom. It's all he thinks about. He adores his only daughter, Princess Penny. When monsters appear and start stealing all the Kingdom's money, the distraught King comes up with a plan: the hero to defeat the monsters shall become the next King of Dokapon! While the King of Dokapon Kingdom normally sits upon a throne, with this plushie, you can sit him anywhere you please! The King has also sold all jewelry to make up for the stolen money, so jewelry not included. The King thanks you for your understanding.

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