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Only Plush


Sold Out

Hank Wimbleton Plush

By: MADNESS: Project Nexus

Ended: December 10, 2022

3,048 sold

1,524% Funded

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Message from the Creator

The Protagonist. Hanks malice, precision and wanton violence knows no bounds. Hank is no stranger to killing and being killed. Having faced off with mortals, monsters, rulers and Gods alike. The only way to align yourself with their mayhem is to get in on it yourself, and even then you may get caught up in the kill count. In the early days, Hanks goals might have seemed clear, but as time goes on and Nevada shifts and twists into an increasingly improbably future, so too do Hank's goals seem to diverge into nonsense. One thing remains the same; there is no apparant reason, only Madness.

No one can be certain where Hank gets their sharp looking ninja garb. With all the murder and slaughter, who has time to go shopping?

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