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Grumble Bee

By: Hey Bob Guy

Ended: November 26, 2022

Not Funded

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This campaign did not reach its minimum funding goal. Please allow 2-7 business days for all orders to be refunded.

Message from the Creator

Buzz buzz, here comes the Grumble Bee. The grumbliest bee you will ever meet. This bee is all vinegar, no honey. So bee-ware the sting of this cranky insect!

Could you BEE more excited for this plush? Of course not! It's the bees knees (knees not included). So don't bumble away your chance to own this once in a lifetime buzzworthy collectible. Perfect for your own hive. But don't let me drone on about this un-bee-lievable item, swarm over to that "buy" button and find out for yourself!

Warning: Do not use bee puns around Grumble Bee unless you want to get stung
Disclaimer: Plush is soft and squishy and cannot sting you

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Unfortunately, this campaign did not reach its minimum funding goal. All orders will be refunded within 2-7 business days.

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