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Only Plush


Sold Out

Ended: December 25, 2021

225 sold

112% Funded


Ships March 18, 2022

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Message from the Creator

For a very limited time, THEY'RE HERE!! The second conjuring of the Wizard of Barge Plushiverse, THE GOBLIN!!!

Known for their prankster attitudes, these lil' fellas are on the hunt for FUN!! Whether it's spray-painting dongs in the dungeons, or swapping the bones of a sleeping skeleton, these guys are always lookin' for trouble! Sure we love em, they're adorable!! But don't leave em alone for too long, or you could be coming home to a cosmic wormhole opened up inside your kitchen! 

Complete with cool-guy earring, signature Barge brand underwear, and REMOVABLE cloak!! That's right! You can take his hood all the way off and make fun of him for being bald! (don't recommend) 

If you're looking to give your Goblin a friend, I also just dropped THE CULTIST plush as well!! Get them both and up your Wizard game forever!! JOIN THE CULT!!!

Receive $5 OFF (Using promo code:  JOINTHECULT) when you purchase both Goblin & Cultist Plushies.  Each plush sold separately.  Click here for Cultist!

For more amazing wizardofbarge content, Click Here!


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