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Only Plush


Sold Out

Frogmouth Knight

By: Metatron

Ended: September 13, 2023

476 sold

238% Funded


Ships December 7, 2023

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Message from the Creator

Dear Noble ones, let me introduce you to "The Frogmouth Knight!" Metatron's official plushy! Here are 4 reasons why you should absolutely get one! 
1 - He is a noble one 
2 - He is absolutely adorable 
3 - He has a big head & is top heavy 
4 - He is fully armoured! 

This plushy is modeled after my frogmouth helmet and suit of Medieval plate armour. The frogmouth knight has become a recurring character in my productions, and now he is his own person in the form of a plushy!

A portion of all proceeds will go to a charity helping children in need.

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