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Only Plush


Sold Out

Dummy Danny Plush

By: Fun with Ragdolls

Ended: September 3, 2022

620 sold

310% Funded

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Message from the Creator

Your lucky dummy buddy (Dummy Danny) has now achieved status: IRL! He’s no longer restricted to the instruction sets within silicon that compute the rasterization that misapprehends three-dimensionality while concurrently taking input for rigid body simulations!

In other words: Danny’s in real-life mode.

Dummy Danny is there for you. After all, he is your lucky dummy buddy! Show him to your friends so they can say “That’s awesome! Let’s play with him!” Show him to your family so they can say “Wow, good job! I’m proud of you, I guess.”

This is a lot of words, I know. I don’t like reading either. So see the plushy Dummy Danny in action!

On a serious note, this plush is really dang cool! I’m super proud of what everyone at Makeship has put together here. I did this collaboration with them because I knew they could make an incredibly high-quality plush for any lover of Fun with Ragdolls to enjoy, and that they did.

I always have it lying around, even planning to pass it to my little mini-me when the time comes! I’m proud of it. And when you receive yours, I know you’ll love it too!

…On second thought, the baby can get his own version. The original is mine.

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