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Jumbo Plush

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Jumbo Plush

Sold Out

Barnaby B. Beagle

By: Clown!

Ended: April 13, 2024

6,188 sold

3,094% Funded

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Message from the Creator

In need of an uproarious laugh from a comedic canine? A hilarious hound? A boisterous beagle? Then look no further than the funniest neighbor in all of Welcome Home, with your very own brand new, never before seen beyond your dreams, official Barnaby B. Beagle Jumbo Plush!

With the silliest pooch this side of the neighborhood at your side, you’ll never be bored! Barnaby B. Beagle is a hoot and a holler covered in polka dots that will have you smiling ear to ear! Whether it's balancing on bouncy balls, lying in your favorite sunny spot, helping you with your stand up, or terrorizing the local mailman, Barnaby B. Beagle is the ideal canine companion for any occasion! They don’t call him man’s best friend for nothing, after all!

Bring the house down with this delightfully dapper dog and order your very own Barnaby B. Beagle today!

Boy, let me tell you, I just flew in from Makeship and I’m doggone tired! It was a ruff trip! It had my dogs barkin’ up a storm!

…Hello? Is this thing on?

…Not even a chuckle? Tough crowd!

Well come and visit anyways, kid, and don't forget to wave up high!


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