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Goal Reached!

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Goal Reached!

Let's make the Patch Plushie happen!

By: Stay Okay Studio

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Product Launched by June 8, 2024

242 pledges

121% of Goal

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I've always wanted to get plushies made of the good folk but have never had the resources or time to get that going! but NOW B) we have the help from Makeship to actually finally get STAY OKAY STUDIO STUFF IN PLUSH FORM!!! FINALLY. they are so easily translated into plush form i am literally gonna cry tears of joy when i get a soft patch in my arms

Petition Process

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Ends March 17, 2024

Community shows their support for the idea to become a real product!

Live Campaign

Prototype is revealed by June 8, 2024.

3-week limited edition product drop.


A single batch will be made-to-order


Delivery takes 7-15 business days.
*Delivery to some areas may take
10-30 business days


For any questions, please contact Makeship Customer Support

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