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Goal Reached!

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Goal Reached!

Let's make the MadPea NooPea Plushie happen!

By: MadPeaProductions

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Product Launched by May 22, 2024

206 pledges

103% of Goal

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Makeship plushie project—a trailblazing initiative that marks a historic moment in the Second Life community. Here's why this project deserves your enthusiastic support:

Pioneering Innovation:

MadPea's decision to create a plushie through Makeship is a testament to their commitment to innovation. By supporting this project, you are endorsing a groundbreaking approach in the Second Life creator community. It's a pioneering move that breaks new ground and opens doors for more creators to explore unique avenues beyond the virtual realm.

Bridge Between Virtual and Tangible Worlds: 

Witness the magic as MadPea transforms a beloved virtual character into a huggable, real-world plushie. This project bridges the gap between the digital and physical, allowing enthusiasts to hold a tangible piece of the Second Life universe. It's a rare opportunity to bring the virtual into reality and experience the charm of MadPea beyond the confines of the screen.

Celebrating Second Life Creativity: 

Second Life is a platform celebrated for its diverse and creative community. Supporting the MadPea x Makeship plushie project is a celebration of the unique talent within Second Life, showcasing that creativity knows no boundaries. By backing this project, you contribute to the recognition and appreciation of the virtual world's creative endeavors.

Collectible Rarity: 

This plushie isn't just a toy; it's a collectible rarity that holds historical significance within the Second Life community. As the first of its kind, the MadPea NooPea plushie becomes a cherished artifact for enthusiasts, symbolizing the creative evolution and pioneering spirit of Second Life creators. Owning one becomes a mark of being part of a historic moment.

Supporting a Visionary Creator: 

MadPea has been a visionary company in the virtual world for sixteen years, captivating audiences with immersive experiences and imaginative creations. By supporting the MadPea x Makeship plushie project, you directly contribute to the success of a creator who continually pushes boundaries and introduces innovative concepts to the Second Life community.

In essence, backing MadPea's NooPea project isn't just about acquiring a cute and cuddly companion; it's about being part of a transformative moment in the Second Life universe. It's a chance to support innovation, celebrate creativity, and own a piece of history as the virtual and tangible worlds beautifully collide in the form of an adorable MadPea plushie. Join the movement and be part of this extraordinary journey!

Petition Process

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Ends February 29, 2024

Community shows their support for the idea to become a real product!

Live Campaign

Prototype is revealed by May 22, 2024.

3-week limited edition product drop.


A single batch will be made-to-order


Delivery takes 7-15 business days.
*Delivery to some areas may take
10-30 business days


For any questions, please contact Makeship Customer Support

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