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Goal Reached!

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Goal Reached!

Let's make the Linkara Plushie happen!

By: Linkara


Product Launched by August 24, 2024.

232 supporters

115% of Goal

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Have you ever watched one of Linkara's videos and thought "Wow, I wish a tiny version of Linkara that I could hug when he makes jokes about Frank Miller or possibly throw against a wall if he expressed an opinion I didn't like?" It's a very common feeling and now we're finally making that fantasy into reality! Pat him on the head when Linkara rambles incessantly about Rob Liefeld comics and say "Yes, yes, there are certainly ARE a lot of pouches!" Knock him off the shelf when Linkara states that he didn't like a season of Power Rangers you really enjoyed! Or hey, maybe you just like the idea of Linkara... but you'd like him better if he was smaller, without a nose, and considerably cuter (impossible as it may seem that he could be cuter than he currently is).

Petition Process

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Ends May 30, 2024

Community shows their support for the idea to become a real product!

Live Campaign

Prototype is revealed by August 24, 2024.

3-week limited edition product drop.


A single batch will be made-to-order


Delivery takes 7-15 business days.
*Delivery to some areas may take
10-30 business days


For any questions, please contact Makeship Customer Support

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