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Goal Reached!

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Goal Reached!

Let's make the Krystelle The Emotional Support Plushie happen!

By: Estelle Ellis @RealKrystalFox


Product Launched by August 26, 2024.

265 supporters

132% of Goal

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This will enable me to provide a more personal and closer means of offering support to all of the Krystelle fans (and those that might not be fans yet) out in the world. A constant reminder that the worlds is a safe beautiful and inspiring place. Plus.. lots of you have asked for one! :O)

Petition Process

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Ends June 1, 2024

Community shows their support for the idea to become a real product!

Live Campaign

Prototype is revealed by August 26, 2024.

3-week limited edition product drop.


A single batch will be made-to-order


Delivery takes 7-15 business days.
*Delivery to some areas may take
10-30 business days


For any questions, please contact Makeship Customer Support

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